Keeping Animals In Captivity Is Cruel Essays

I strongly disagree. Keeping wildlife in captivity poses so many challenges, among which are ethical questions concerning animal welfare. Although some individuals oppose keeping wildlife in captivity, including zoos, aquaria, and taman safari, most acknowledge that this practice will continue. We should, therefore, do our best to ensure that captive a wildlife animals are maintained in a professional, humane, and healthy manner.

To make a captivity animals does not always cruel, it can save animal species. Actually for limited animal species, and keep animal from human murdered. Nowadays, human population steady up and increase every time. People needs a place for their live, so, people started to taking out animal’s habitat. That’s why, for some reason, wild animal included limited-animal usually searching for food in human’s habitat. It is because they confused where they should to searching for food if their habitat has destroyed by human, and human started to build their habitat in animal’s habitat. In the end, if that situation happen, animals usually dead caused by human behavior.

Being captivated for animals can make their instinct weaker, but, it is better than died because of human acknowledgement. With a good management, it can educate public how important zoos and wildlife center. Good or bad for captivity is depend on the owner of zoos and wildlife center, if the owner think about to make a good profit in the long term, they should think about animal welfare too. Such as give the animals a good food, good place same as like their genuine habitat, regularly healthy service, so, with that treatment, human’s next generation still can see the animals exactly for limited animals which protected by WHO, such as panda, komodo, harimau Sumatra, orang utan, and another.

in conclusion, undeniably, various problem related with captivity are spreading their roots but i still believe that with captivated for animals more save than killed by human.

I will be stating my reasons to why I think it is cruel to keep animals in cages. My definition of this topic is: cruel: Causing pain or suffering to innocent animals or living organism. Cages: A structure of bars or wires in which animals is confined. I will now state my arguments:

There are examples all over the world where animals have been taking from their homes and then stuck in cages for the entertainment and pleasure of humans. For example in 2006 a group of giant pandas in China were taken from their bamboo forest home and taken into captivity for tourists, but no one ever realised the harm this made to the pandas until wildlife experts finally took action and put them in their natural habitat. By the time that they got them out of captivity and took them back in the wild it took years for the pandas to rehabilitate and adapt to their natural habitat. If we keep more and more animals in cages not only will the species become extinct or endangered but the animals will lose their natural way of life from being in a natural habitat to being locked up in cages.

Animals are just like human they eat, sleep and drink like us. They can run, walk and swim like us. They speak a certain language and they all have male and female genders. So why it is that factory farm & circuses have to keep these animals, which are just like us in nearly every single way, in cages? How would you feel being stuck in a small, cramped and uncomfortable cage with little food and water and no one to play with or talk to? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it. Animals have feelings and emotions just like us; just because they don’t have a voice to speak does mean we should take away their rights as a living creature. It would be much more pleasurable to see the animal in its natural habitat, living its life being happy opposed to a small cramped, overcrowded cage. Some animals have died just from the conditions that their cages have been kept in. Do factory farmers and circuses like seeing animals suffer in these conditions?

Most people in 1st world countries would not even think of locking human in cages but yet just down the road at their local zoo or circuses helpless
animals are being kept in that claustrophobic cage so us human beings can have the privilege to see those animals. If we wouldn’t do it to other humans why is it right to do it to animals, what makes that right?

In conclusion I personally believe it is wrong to keep helpless animals in cages for most or all of their lives and should be released into the wild where they belong.

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