New To The Medical Field Cover Letter

Any suggestions on writing a cover letter for a clinical medical assistant position?


Enclosed is my resume in application for the position of Clinical Medical Assistant as advertised on I am interested in this position. I sincerely want to occupy this job. I would like to hold this position so that I may work as an esteemed unit in the medical field; as well as improve my skills and expand my experience.
I am a highly motivated and ambitious individual; work well under pressure; and I am great at multitasking. I possess superior communication skills and can maintain professional relationships with staff and patients.

I have over five years of experience working in the medical field. In that span of time I have worked as a Medical Assistant for various Practices and performed various clinical and administrative duties. Duties such as updating patients’ medical records, scheduling appointment, bookkeeping services, billing, dealing with all insurance companies; and I am well versed in obtaining Prior Authorizations for any type of medial procedure. At the same time, I have performed clinical duties such as, taking patients medical history, taking vital signs, explaining treatment procedures, and assisting the Physicians. I specialize in Phlebotomy, taking EKGs. Attached is a copy of my resume which, details my qualifications further.

My multifaceted experience makes me the ideal candidate. I believe that I possess the skills that will make me a valuable asset to your office.

Thank you for your consideration of my application. Given this application, I am confident that I can successfully fulfill this position.



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Cover Letter Tips for Medical

Job searches can be a bit overwhelming, but taking the right steps can help to take some of the stress out of the process. The following tips can help you approach finding jobs in Medical with confidence.
1. Informational interviews can be valuable exercises. These are meetings with people who already work in the industries and/or companies you are interested in. Remember that you’re gathering information, though. You’re not trying to convince someone to hire you during an informational interview.
2. Control your online presence. The Internet has become completely integrated with daily life, and most employers now include searches of applicants’ online identities and exposure as part of the hiring process. Scrub your social media accounts and webpages to ensure no embarrassing or compromising information is publicly available.
3. Make full use of your networks. Reach out to everyone you know – coworkers, friends and family. You may be surprised by just who in your circles has access to people or information that could greatly improve your chances of quickly landing jobs in Medical.
4. Read professional journals and other career resources to stay current on developments in your chosen fields. Professional journals are also sometimes great ways to learn about job openings.
5. Attend job fairs. This one is a no-brainer, but it’s worth remembering. Search the Internet and check out local news to find job fairs before they happen.


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