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The Circulatory System Essays

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The Circulatory System

The circulatory system is almost the most important system of all of the different body systems because it supplies the body with the blood and nutrients it needs to function properly and maintain life and movement. The heart is a muscular organ that lies behind the ribcage and between the lungs and is a pump that keeps this transport system moving. Normally a person's heart is as big as their fist while it is clenched; the heart is made up of thick muscly walls and is divided into two separate pumps.

The heart is about the size of your clenched fist, it has thick muscular walls and is divided into two separate pumps and each of these pumps has two more chambers.…show more content…

Blood then leaves the left side of the heart and travels through arteries which gradually divide up into capillaries, in the capillaries, food, oxygen and nutrients are released to the body cells, and carbon dioxide and other waste products are returned to the bloodstream. The blood then travels in veins back to the right side of the heart, and the whole circuit begins again.

The Circulatory System is the main transportation and cooling system for the body, the Red Blood Cells carry all sorts of nutrients and oxygen that are needed by all the cells in the body, every cell in the body requires oxygen to keep living. Besides Red Blood Cells, there are also White Blood Cells that move in the circulatory system. White Blood Cells clean the whole of the circulatory system so it doesn't get invaded by diseases also known as pathogens, anytime we have a cold or cut the White Blood Cells get to work. The Circulatory System consists off a lot of veins and arteries which make sure and only pump the blood one way, the veins are used to carry blood into the heart and the arteries carry blood away from the heart, often the blood that is in the veins is the blood that has already delivered its oxygen and nutrients have the cells. This blood is called deoxygenated and is dark

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