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Few things are more daunting that working on a paper that is due tomorrow. It sucks out your energy and the very will to live (dramatic but true). We understand this feeling so well! Everyone who’s been to college does. Here at EssayCastle.co.uk, you will find a way around it.

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Originally, custom writing has been spontaneously invented by students who couldn’t cope with their college and university assignments. They would ask smart friends to help them out in exchange for favours. One thing led to another and the first writing companies have appeared, like EssayCastle.co.uk, that delivered and continue to deliver such services on a much bigger scale. And yet one important thing have changed – assignment help have become a tool for the smart and the successful, rather than those who lagged behind the class.

Today, this service is used by three kinds of students:

  • Those who prefer getting practical knowledge through internships and jobs to wasting their time on theoretical papers
  • Those who have to work because they need to pay for their education and know that the chances of getting expelled are much higher if they are late with their payments rather than papers
  • Those who have a family they need to devote a lot of time to
  • Those who are extremely busy doing an abnormal amount of modules within a single term

The majority of our clients are represented by those from the first category.  It’s no news that education often deviates from reality and real life skills. You can’t fix it at the state level, so you have to cope through other means. And custom writing is one of the most effective for this purpose.

Ordering assignment writing from our service: the fundamentals

If you fall into one of the above-mentioned categories (or need custom writing for some other reason), we are here to meet your needs. At this website, you can order any kind of writing help, starting at the smallest essay and up to MBA-level assignments. At that, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Our company is not an online depository of papers where you can get one for reference. Similarly as you would order a piece of clothing sewn from scratch according to your measurements, you can get a paper written to meet your requirements.
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The procedure of requesting our writing assistance is simple. You only need to tell us what kind of paper you want to receive and then provide payment details to have a writer assigned.

After payment, you will be able to enter your Personal Area on our website and upload more instructions for your writer. This is also the place where you can monitor the progress of your order.

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You should also know another thing – we are a UK-oriented service. The majority of our writers have graduated from major UK universities (Warwick, UCL, Edinburgh, Manchester etc.) and know UK writing standards from A to Z.

At that, we do fulfil orders from students located in other regions.

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This means that your papers have zero chances of not meeting any kind of style or formatting requirement. We know what British professors look for in papers and will make sure to meet their expectations.

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Financial reliability

We don’t apply hidden or extra charges to your paper. Also, our company works with widely known payment systems to prevent financial difficulties and theft.


Enjoy a guarantee that states that, whatever your paper is, you will get it when requested. If for some reason we are unable to help you, you will be notified in advance.


Contact and personal information of our customers is protected with cutting-edge security means, including encryption, partial access on need-only basis, and software protection against information breaches.

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The quality of papers depends directly on assignment writers that work on them. That’s why we have established a rather high threshold for writers working here and require a master’s degree from one of the recognized UK universities.

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My poor English...let me try...hope you can understand...

This bug was found in version 4.8.5 & 5.9.0 at working place,and 5.2.0 at home.Sometime you compile a ui file, it may waring "zorder assignment is not a valid widget", because some items which are not widgets in ui file have zorder info.

Scene restoration: Here is a effective way to restoration.First we create a new blank widget,then put two widgets on it.we name them "widget_A"and"widget_B",i.e we have a new widget with "widget_A" and "widget_B" on it, neither of them has layout. Now we put another one item, maybe a widget or spacer or something on "widget_A", so we just call it "C", and drag "C" to "widget_B". Then call undo("C" backs to "widget_A"), and drag "C" to "widget_B" again(or we can call redo).Just repeat the step any number of times.Finally, we save this file, if "C" is spacer, we should give a layout to content("widget_A" or "widget_B", based on where is "C" layed on) before saving.Now we will find some "zorder" if we open this file in text mode.Also if "C" isn't a widget, there wiil be some warings like "zorder assignment is not a valid widget".

Reason: The "C", we put into widget, can cause redo function when it was dragged to "widget_B" or we call action "Redo", can cause undo function when we call action "Undo".As we know, redo should turn to new state, and undo turns back.But, in this situation, something was wrong here.

Issue code: Here is a file named qdesigner_command.cpp in Src of Qt Designer.A Class named ReparentWidgetCommand, let's have a look at its function redo & undo:

From what I understand, this class is about the operation of changing parent. In redo function, target("m_widget") was removed from the old "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder",  the other side, it was appended to the new "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder". Then in undo function, target("m_widget") was appended to the old "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder"(because it has two members to note them, so just set them back).Here comes the point! We can see it removes target from the new "_q_widgetOrder", but dose nothing with the new "_q_zOrder"!!!

Here it is what was done on "_q_zOrder" in redo function:

But in undo function:

See it?Should we insert "newZOrder.removeAll(m_widget);" between these two rows?

Originally, target always be removed from the old "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder", and be appended to the new "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder" in redo function. So both "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder" have same list.When we save file, the code checks wether they are equal or not.if they are equal, Designer will not write any "zorder" in .ui file.As mentioned above, undo can make them not eaqual, So Designer writes "zorder" in .ui file.

So I think target should be removed from both the new "_q_widgetOrder" and "_q_zOrder" in undo function.

void ReparentWidgetCommand::redo() { m_widget->setParent(m_newParentWidget); m_widget->move(m_newPos); QWidgetList oldList = m_oldParentList; oldList.removeAll(m_widget); m_oldParentWidget->setProperty("_q_widgetOrder", QVariant::fromValue(oldList)); QWidgetList newList = qvariant_cast<QWidgetList>(m_newParentWidget->property("_q_widgetOrder")); newList.append(m_widget); m_newParentWidget->setProperty("_q_widgetOrder", QVariant::fromValue(newList)); QWidgetList oldZOrder = m_oldParentZOrder; oldZOrder.removeAll(m_widget); m_oldParentWidget->setProperty("_q_zOrder", QVariant::fromValue(oldZOrder)); QWidgetList newZOrder = qvariant_cast<QWidgetList>(m_newParentWidget->property("_q_zOrder")); newZOrder.append(m_widget); m_newParentWidget->setProperty("_q_zOrder", QVariant::fromValue(newZOrder)); m_widget->show(); core()->objectInspector()->setFormWindow(formWindow()); } void ReparentWidgetCommand::undo() { m_widget->setParent(m_oldParentWidget); m_widget->move(m_oldPos); m_oldParentWidget->setProperty("_q_widgetOrder", QVariant::fromValue(m_oldParentList)); QWidgetList newList = qvariant_cast<QWidgetList>(m_newParentWidget->property("_q_widgetOrder")); newList.removeAll(m_widget); m_newParentWidget->setProperty("_q_widgetOrder", QVariant::fromValue(newList)); m_oldParentWidget->setProperty("_q_zOrder", QVariant::fromValue(m_oldParentZOrder)); QWidgetList newZOrder = qvariant_cast<QWidgetList>(m_newParentWidget->property("_q_zOrder")); m_newParentWidget->setProperty("_q_zOrder", QVariant::fromValue(newZOrder)); m_widget->show(); core()->objectInspector()->setFormWindow(formWindow()); }
QWidgetList newZOrder = qvariant_cast<QWidgetList>(m_newParentWidget->property("_q_zOrder")); newZOrder.append(m_widget); m_newParentWidget->setProperty("_q_zOrder", QVariant::fromValue(newZOrder));
QWidgetList newZOrder = qvariant_cast<QWidgetList>(m_newParentWidget->property("_q_zOrder")); m_newParentWidget->setProperty("_q_zOrder", QVariant::fromValue(newZOrder));


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