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In countries like Japan, the population is getting older, are the effects of aging population on society is negative or positive. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The advancement in technology improved the life expectancy of people. As a result, the number of old age people is significantly increased. These aged population, has both positive and negative impacts on society. I feel it has more adverse effect than positive impacts.

To begin with, graying population can be detrimental to the society as a whole, with its impacts on health care, labor market, economic productivity and on taxation. Firstly, there may not be enough people to work. The economy may be less productive and the government may bring foreign workers. Secondly, employed senior citizens may lead to unemployment to the young generation. Thirdly, there will not be enough young people to look after the aged people. They might have to move old age homes.

An another point is that, elder people don't buy many anythings or to spend a lot of money. This also will reduce the economic growth. Lastly, the financial burden of the Government will surge. They may allocate more money for pension payment, medical allowances, maintaining old age homes and other concessions for senior citizens. They cannot earn lot and less tax return. All these, badly effects the society.

However, not all effects have to be negative. There are some advantages in having lots of experience in life and work. Moreover, some are extremely wise and experienced to take the responsibility to govern an important institution or even a country and lead to prosperity. Additionally, elder people can teach their grand children well. They drive carefully, may reduce the road accidents, not steal or fight, diminish conflicts, and will be less competition for jobs or other needs.

In conclusion, we should appreciate the beauty and potential of the youth and the advice and experience of the old. However, a society with young generation will progress fast.

The Economic Problem of Population Ageing Essay

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In the contemporary world, the economic problem of population ageing caused is revealing gradually. UNESCO provides a standard that a single country or region in the population over 60 years is more than 10% of the total population, which is into the aging of the population. Both of developed and developing countries in recent years have to face more serious aging impacts for economic progress. According to population prospects (2009), the whole world will accelerate the pace of ageing after 2010. More precisely, share of elderly people is 22% in rich countries and 8% in poorer countries, whereas these figures will rise to 33% and 20%, respectively. Why does aging become a problem? The U.S. Census study points out that the worldwide ageing…show more content…

Consequently, in serious countries, some jobs will lack of employees to carry out.

Secondly, in order to promptly resolve the shortage of labour caused by ageing, many countries have extended the time of retirement of the elderly. To illustrate, China plans to start gradually raise the retirement age from 60 to 65 from 2010. However, this approach may give rise to many controversies. Provided that the retire time to be late, civil servants will support this resolution. As a consequence, a number of university graduates will more difficult to find a job, and some laid-off workers will face delayed pensions; therefore, that government need to consider a wide ranges of citizen interests.

Lastly, Skirbekk of the International Institute (The Economist, 2009, p.10), researched the relationship between age and personal productivity, reached that productivity in various job descends gradually in middle age. As a common sense, when people reach middle age, health and intelligence will begin to decline; thus the production efficiency of the elderly will not be better than young. Particularly, in the use of high-tech skills, the old usually lose young; thus employers may think that the elderly will affect the productivity of workers. The Economist (2009 , p10) put forward a solution that let active young and experienced old man work together

Chart 1. country Early retiring age Normal age Employed, 55–59

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