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A List Of Strong Research Paper Topics About Terrorism

Terrorism is a frightening problem that is growing by the day, which means that every bit of information we can gather about it is important. We may just stumble upon some solutions to the crisis. Here are some strong research paper topics about terrorism to spark your interest.

The difference between terrorism versus hate crimes

Terrorism and hate crimes share quite a few characteristics, which is why there is some debate about what differentiates one from the other. What is the difference between terrorism and hate crimes?

The causes of terrorism

In order to prevent terrorism, it’s vital that we understand what causes it. However, terrorism is a complicated problem, so it’s not easy to find exact causes. What are the most likely causes of terrorism?

An increase in right-wing terrorism

Cases of right-wing terrorism in the United States of America have been steadily increasing for a few years. What is right-wing terrorism? What is leading to the increase in right-wing terrorism in the United States of America?

The definition of terrorism

Despite much debate and discussion, there is still no universal definition for terrorism shared by different countries and organisations. How do you think terrorism should be defined? Why do you think your definition is the most suitable?

Preventing terrorism

Despite the complexity of the topic, there is no doubt that most people want to prevent terrorism. What are the best ways to prevent terrorism?

Social media as a recruitment tool

There is no doubt that many terrorist organisations use social media to recruit new members. Unfortunately, this particular problem is getting worse and worse. How can we stop terrorists from recruiting people via social media?

Types of terrorism

While the world may currently be focusing on political and religious terrorism, there are also other types. What different types of terrorism exist?

Terrorism for a good cause

While most people seem to believe that terrorism is universally bad, there have arguably been cases of terrorism that have resulted in important changes in human rights, such as those carried out by the freedom fighters in apartheid era South Africa. Can terrorism ever be justified?

Terrorism masquerading as other crimes

It has been suggested that some acts of terrorism have been incorrectly labeled as other crimes, such as hate crimes or mass murder. Do you believe this is the case? What can be done to prevent this from happening in the future?

Now that you have some ideas to get you started, you may just be able to write a research paper about terrorism that sheds some light on how to solve this violent and tragic problem.

List Of 15 Thought-Provoking Research Paper Ideas On Terrorism

Terrorism is now a global threat and even superpowers start cold war under the influence of political disturbance. When you compose research papers, you need to find more interesting paper writing topics to write the content on terrorism.

15 Ideas to Write Academic Papers on Terrorism

  • Discover the background of terrorism
  • The reason of involvement of young Europeans in terrorism
  • How to reduce tension in cross border?
  • The participation of top advanced countries in reducing terrorism and the role of superpowers
  • Is poverty only a major factor for cross border terrorism
  • The cause and effect of international terrorism
  • Impact of terrorism on general people
  • Analyze the situation GCC countries to control terrorism
  • What is bipartisan bill? US will teach Saudi Arab a lesson. Analyze the effect of bipartisan bill to control militancy ISIS and the role of Iran. Find the close linkage
  • Young generation and terrorism
  • South Sea tension and terrorism
  • North Korea’s nuclear warhead testing is the sign of increasing tension in Asia.
  • Conflict between China and Hong Kong. Is it a new chapter for increasing terrorism?

Write Introduction with Thesis Statement

In the research paper, a writer should introduce readers to the objectives to compose the academic content. In the first introduction, it is necessary to compose the short attractive thesis statement. It is brief but it must be relevant. Important points can be included in this thesis statement. Syria is being condemned as Assad is taking support from Russia and Iran to smash his dissidents. Assad is also pampering ISIS terrorist outfits. Arab Spring led by Saudi Arab has lambasted the presence of Assad to indulge ISIS hideouts. You can analyze the suspicious activities of Syria and Iran to create tension. China is also facing crisis. The financial rebalancing theory is used by this country to overtake recession. However, in between, China is getting negative response from many rebels who don’t like infiltration of Han Chinese in the Northern part of China. So there is tension to boost up rebels to build up terrorist outfits to invade China. So, you can write a research paper highlighting the role of Beijing and South Sea tension.

The academic paper must have different parts to get a complete shape. Write methodology, literature review, and bibliography. The conclusion is a must. Abstract must be written within a précised framework. In the conclusion, restate what you discussed in the introduction. Give your opinions in simple language.


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