Dave Armstrong Case Study

Case Study Memo #2 From:   Discussion:  14746 Re:  Case Memo #2: Dave Armstrong (A) 1. Dave Armstrong’s problem is that he must make a decision in the next few days as to which job  he will be taking following his graduation from Harvard Business School. In his career Dave  desires foremost a sense of personal accomplishment and enjoyment, as well as financial security  for himself and his wife. His alternatives are straightforward – Dave must decide between Job A,  Job B, and Job C – we are assuming that these are his only considerable options. The job options  offer a range of balances between excitement and security. Simply put, Dave could choose a path  with high levels of both fulfillment and risk, low levels of each, or be in the middle. He will be  trading fear of failure for opportunity of self-actualization. As with any business venture, the jobs 

Case Notes Dave Armstrong Ajit Mohan - 14731 Case name: Dave Armstrong (A) The case facts (brief summary; 2-4 sentences of what’s happening and who’s involved): Dave is a 2 nd year Harvard MBA student. Prior to his MBA, Dave worked as a computer programmer at Thorne Enterprises. After 18 months, Armstrong quit this job to work in the life insurance industry in Amarillo. He then applied and was accepted to Harvard Business School. He is now close to graduation, and has three job offers on the table. Job A, Job B, and Job C. The issues/potential main problem (main issues in OB terms related to the module): The main problem is that Dave has to pick between the 3 jobs. Job A meets a lot of Dave’s objectives however it has a lot of uncertainties and risks related to it. Job B doesn’t meet Dave’s objectives as well as Job A, however it has a better chance of working out and hence less consequences. Job C meets even less of Dave’s objectives than did Job B, however its uncertainties, risks, and consequences associated with it are nearly non existent. Dave has to


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